A new year, a new focus

Although our focus at Sherman Service League has always been on service, each President of Sherman Service League has brought their own strengths to leave a unique legacy.

As we kick off our 2017-2018 year of service, we wanted to acknowledge the accomplishments of our past President, Leigh Ann Sims, as well as highlight the some of the initiatives of our new President, April Curran.

Ms. Sims passed the president's torch to Mrs. Curran back in May of this year. Since then, the two have worked hard to ensure a smooth transition into the new fiscal year.

During her time as President, Ms. Sims took on many initiatives large and small. One of the most exciting of these achievements was to help our organization get "back to the basics" and reconnect with our purpose: improving our community through volunteerism and service. A small but effective change she implemented was to recite our official mission statement at the beginning of each meeting. We also voted to change our by-laws in a way that increased the amount of volunteer hours we are to provide as a whole. Through these changes, we have a refreshed energy to go into the new year being more service-minded than ever.

Mrs. Curran is excited to ensure Ms. Sim's legacy remains in tact while taking on a new focus of her own: recruitment. Even though our group is made up of many talented individuals, we could always use more. Membership is down in comparison to years past and yet we are still able to increase the amount of funds we raise for our local community year over year. Ms. Curran hopes that with increased membership, we'll be able to exponentially increase the impact in our community both financially and relationally. She brings many years of experience to the table in this area and she has already set some new processes in place that have increased interest in membership. We are so excited to see what else Mrs. Curran has in store for Sherman Service League this year.

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